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The Android Arsenal – Dialogs

A helper library for Android to display Dialogs by suspending the coroutine till finish of the dialog. allprojects { repositories { … maven { url ‘’ } } } dependencies { implementation ‘com.github.xeinebiu:android-suspend-dialogs:1.0.0’ } Confirm The below example shows how a normal dialog is shown without any suspension MaterialAlertDialogBuilder([email protected]) .setTitle(“Title”) .setMessage(“Message”) .setPositiveButton(“Positive”) { _, _ …

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Two valuation pitfalls for consumer tech M&A

The frenetic torrent of M&A activity instigated by the confluence of COVID-19 and Apple’s new and forthcoming privacy policy changes has brought valuation analysis to the fore for many mobile-first consumer technology companies. Having been involved on both the buy and sell sides of various transactions before this unique period in the history of mobile, …

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