How To Start Your Robotics Hobby

Robotics is a special field with many strict requirements for knowledge, practical skills, and high thinking. How do I start a robotics hobby?

With technology fields, robotics is more special because of its convenient application. This field requires the participant’s understanding and practicing.

If these three factors are not fully ensured, being eliminated from the industry is understandable. Through accumulating and learning experience, you will have the appropriate knowledge and skills.

In this post, I will discuss a detailed starting plan to get you on the right track for developing a personal interest in the field.

1. Select model and construction project

Choosing a robotic model or project to build is essential for developing your skills. Early practice with favorite models will help you gain new practical knowledge and draw many lessons for yourself. Where can robotics be found?

Through the internet, you can easily see them anywhere. However, take your time picking a model randomly.

Consider everything based on your personal preferences and goals in robotics. As such, it will create a clear and compelling development roadmap.

Soccer robots

2. Learn an online course

Robotics today has many significant changes in application and operation. Each knowledge item is constantly updated from time to time. Therefore, if we do not have a sense of learning, we will be excluded from the industry.

To avoid this, taking online courses in robotics is the most important thing. You can absorb new knowledge through each study program if you work hard.

I highly recommend the course quality with the instructor. So we can easily interact with the teacher to better understand the problem. Courses that do not include an instructor are passive and bore many learners.

3. Learn to code

Learning to code will give you more confidence when starting with robotics.

To become a sound robotics engineer, I recommend you thoroughly learn Python and C++ programming languages. Accordingly, it will help you control the robot more accurately and efficiently.

For the rest of the languages, it’s optional for you. But if you want to expand your knowledge, you can sign up for a few similar ones.

You should learn languages that are useful for your work or hobby. Trends or crowd effects will make you quickly bored and make it difficult to succeed with the immediate goal. And it will also govern your pursuit of robotics.

4. Prototyping

Prototyping with favorite models helps get started with robotics. Find out specifically about the model structure you need to design and plan ideas for implementation. That will be easier for a newbie like you.

To master this ability, you must have the knowledge of coding and electronics.

5. Read more robot articles

We can approach and understand more about this field through articles on robotics. It helps to shape the knowledge needed for your development goals.

Yet, look for highly-rated articles that are well-received by a broad audience.

6. Take part in robotics groups

Joining robotics groups on social networks will help you learn a lot of new knowledge, including theory and practice. It gives you a rich source of thinking to start with robotics boldly.

You will also learn a lot from collaborating with many experienced people back and forth. And you can draw valuable lessons for yourself.

Robotics club

7. Starting a hobby of creating robots

Finally, when everything is ready, you can confidently start with your robotic hobby. Make sure you read all the above because you need to read them to have perfect starting results. With robotics, haste is taboo, miserably causing you to fail the first time.


Can a 14-year-old learn robotics?

Entirely possible. A 14-year-old can handle slightly more complex materials and understand the instructions in a robot kit. Many children are capable of doing more than we imagine.

So, for children to successfully start in this field, parents should spend more time learning the proper robot set.

Where should I start with robotics?

Robotics isn’t too tricky, but it’s not easy either. It requires participants with extensive knowledge, specific practical skills, and high thinking ability.

As for how to get started with this topic, you can skim through the previous analysis. Understand and follow the 7 tips above, and you will surely succeed.

How can I learn robotics by myself?

Being self-taught to build a robot takes a lot of work. However, it’s possible.

It will help if you read online tutorials and many related articles to make quality models. Next, join professional courses with specific guidance from teachers.

If you can complete these tasks, you will be successful with your models quickly.

At what age should you start robotics?

Any age with interest in robotics can participate in learning about robotics.

The best age to identify and practice is 8-14 years old. Younger children can remember but don’t really understand what they’re doing.

Is robotics a lot of math?

Mathematics is an integral part of robotics. It directly affects your skills and knowledge. If you want to start a career in robotics, ensure you have a good math background. If you are still getting ready with what you have, strengthen it by taking related courses.


Following the 7 tips above will help you get started more efficiently and successfully in robotics.

Hopefully, this information can help you develop your interests. Recommend my article to relatives and friends if you find it useful!

Thank you for reading!