9 Robotics Projects for Beginners with Building Guides

Humans use robots to complete jobs that are risky or require extreme precision. Taking part in robot projects to gain more experience and knowledge will create job opportunities and stable income in the future. Robot projects are now widely available with many different contents. You can create or upgrade tracking, signaling, pick-and-place devices. If you … Read more

How to Start a Robotics Club

Do you have a particular passion for robots? Want to exchange interesting knowledge with like-minded people? Starting a robot club is a good idea! How do I start a robotics club? This can be a complicated question for many people, and you are one of them. Do not worry; I will give you effective ways … Read more

Key Difference Between NPN & PNP

NPN (Negative-Positive-Negative) and PNP (Positive-Negative-Positive) are common types of bipolar junction transistors. Because of their positive and negative doped material texture, they can provide the ability to amplify signals or switch currents efficiently and quickly. Although these two sensors perform and have similar essential functions, they are sometimes suited to different situations. When to prioritize … Read more

PLC Programming Languages for Beginners

You can hear of function block diagrams, one of industry professionals’ most popular and preferred programming languages. Yet, PLC programming continues beyond it to 4 other languages with significant advantages. Most industry organizations have at least one of these languages to expand their skills and support other programmers. Let’s explore together! What are PLC Programming … Read more

Main Difference Between Android, Robot and Cyborg

Android, Robots, and Cyborg are three different technology products. However, many people cannot tell them apart. This article will help you explore the concept of each product and then will help you to know what they have in common. Keep scrolling to discover! What is Android? You must first understand what Android is to learn … Read more